Providing an Ambulance Knowledge Experience

At A.K.E our purpose is to provide individuals with special needs experience and exposure to emergency medical situations to aid them and their support systems in preparing for potential emergency situations and lessen the emotional trauma of such events. 

A.K.E was started by first responders who saw firsthand how the EMS system is often unprepared to meet the needs of those with certain disabilities, particularly developmental disabilities. In many emergency situations, there is, unfortunately, limited time available to explain or adjust procedures to better suit the needs of special needs patients. We set out to make a change in a way that would be most beneficial in the lives of Special Needs patients and their caregivers, therapists, specialists, and support systems. 

Emergency medical situations can be overwhelming for anyone but can be traumatizing for those with communication issues, sensory-related disorders, and many other circumstances. Our goal is to provide a controlled environment, the time, and resources to become familiar with the ambulance, medical procedures, and equipment in a way that is fun and engaging.

By providing interaction with the ambulance and its crew we hope to allow patients with special needs and their support systems the chance to gain knowledge and experience to better prepare for a potential medical emergency. This preparation will be able to help emergency situations run smoother and cause less stress, confusion, and undue emotional harm to the patient. It is an opportunity to take what can often be seen as an ordeal and turn it into a positive learning experience.

We are committed to education and outreach and hope to make any positive impact we can. If you want to help us in this mission get involved!

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